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Meet the Owners


Peter. He makes mead and does stuff.


This is Kirsten. She does stuff too.

Meet the Meadworks Team

Ashleigh - Troy Manager

Ashleigh - Troy Manager Feral fan and co-host of Rock Candy Podcast. Though not professionally, she has a tremendous amount of experience in the local beverage scene. Now that she has joined the family we can claim that the experience was gained in her long term goal of working for HMW. yep. that works.

Jess - Event Planner

Jess - Event Planner Jessica (rabbit) joined the team in February 2020 with seemingly boundless energy and a love for Metal. She takes great pride in studying the “art of customer service” and makes every customer’s visit memorable. With industry experience already under her belt and a vast array of contacts she brings a “can do” attitude, some fresh perspectives and excitement for the team.


Known as "Joe Meadworks" around these parts, he's a true mead fan. Always checking out whatever mead he can get his hands on and lending his tastebuds for review.


Eileen is a local school teacher and Duanesburg native who fell in love with our mead when we first opened. A month later she joined our team and now graces our Troy meadhall with her smile and energy. She loves to travel, too.


Morghan. M-O-R-G-H-A-N. She’s our resident artist and well versed in our mead, having been a regular guest at the meadhall since we opened. It was her skull-feral-bottle-red-wax-candle-photo that she sent us in 2020 that definitely got our attention. We have her artwork on our walls!


Tracey is our hyper-local dance Mom. A life-long resident of our town she seems to know almost everyone. Working at the meadhall will make sure she can get to know the rest.

Maggie and rufus

Maggie has joined our team to lend her hand in Troy. We've finally abduc... AHEM recruited the other half of Rock Candy Podcast and couldn't be happier. She is a Troy local and is a huge asset to our Troy team.


Recently relocated back to the Capital District, Jen found herself drawn to us by our craftiness. We found ourselves drawn to her by her bright smile and energetic personality.


Kevin. Professional brewer and all around craft beverage fan. After being a regular customer for the first year, he decided to jump over the bar and start a career along the path that he loves. With his brewing experience, he regularly lends a hand in production as well as at the meadhall.


New to the team as of summer 2021, Scott and Roxanne are some of our OG mead fans from day 1. Always willing to help out any where we need it, they do it often while wearing period-correct garb or at a minimum a friendly smile.


Jordan joined our team in our summer 2021 hiring spree. His calm and informative style is very much welcomed by our customers. Keep your eyes on 2022 for some very special projects by him!


Having "met" Chelsea years ago as someone who would occasionally DM me about out-of-stock Heritage at her local store, she became an actual living person (to me) at the meadhall. She provided rune translations for customers at our Grand Opening, set up a tent at our National Mead Day celebrations, burned the inscriptions in the bar and now we are proud to have her as a member of our team!


James is our latest addition to the Troy team. Having been a customer there since opening he welcomed the opportunity to jump over to our side of the tasting bar.


Marshall also joined us in the summer of 2021. He's our bearded, Pillage drinking cigar aficionado who has done an amazing job with outside events and has been filling glasses at the meadhall now that we are done with most off-site events. He is very much a people-person and a great addition to the team!


Christine came to us from another land and we are lucky that she chose our Troy Meadhall as her settlement in the mead world

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